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Supporting our community is every bit as important to us as supporting our clientele

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We work hard to be the best in what we do and work just as hard to make philanthropy one of our top priorities as an organization.  As such, we are involved with a number of charitable programs locally and encourage our agents and employees to be as well.​

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Our Story

3TreeRealty, Inc. is a local, family owned, residential real estate brokerage.  We are progressive and unique in the way that we deliver unmatched professionalism to our clients, but our business plan is pretty simple.  We take care of the client, pay attention to the details and harness all the resources necessary for a successful purchase or sale.

Real estate isn't simply about buying or selling homes, it's a mixture of research, marketing, customer service, contract negotiations and more.  Our resources include construction management, staging expertise, investment experience and information technology.  

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Our Team

At 3Tree Realty, Inc., the essence of our culture is teamwork. and when you choose one of our agents, you will have the support of our entire family of professionals.  As a team, each of us will be invested in your success.  

​We believe that happy agents make happy clients so we try to provide our agents with all of the support they need including marketing, education, organization and administration.

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​New ideas and innovation are also important to us.  We try to lead in the tech department in order to make our clients lives easier and to provide a better overall experience.  Staying at the forefront allows us to amplify our marketing, advertising and service capabilities.  

Most of our agents live locally.  Some of our families have lived in Solano County for multiple generations and all have deep connections within the industry and the community.  Talk to our agents and you will learn about our history, favorite parks, recreation areas, restaurants, schools and neighborhoods.  

That's our story.  Make us a part of yours.

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Our Services


Whether you are in the market for your first home or you are an experienced homebuyer, there's a lot to do and having a great Realtor in your corner can make all the difference.  Our experience is that it's not the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but how you feel when you walk through the front door of the perfect place.  It's the feeling of instantly envisioning your life unfolding there.  Our purpose is to help you find that place and then help you navigate the maze of the home buying process.  

From determining your goals, to setting a budget, working with lenders, checking out neighborhoods, touring listings, making offers, we will be there with you to get your ideal place in contract.  From there, we will work with inspectors and help you complete an assessment of the property's condition and evaluate what repairs might be needed or negotiate other options.  We will be there to work through obstacles, review all documents and keep the transaction on contract for a successful close.  

Each of our team members has a heartfelt commitment to making the home buying process a smooth and happy experience for everyone involved.

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We understand that your home is both a place that you have built many memories in and a significant portfolio asset.  A Realtor’s skill in pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating and contract prep can add significant dollars to the bottom line. And first impressions really do count.  Every piece of information on your property, whether it be a brochure, the description on MLS, it’s presence on the Internet, or a well-placed advertisement, must show your home in the best possible light.
Our goal at 3Tree Realty, Inc. is to enhance the marketability of your property and attract a widest audience of buyers.  Our experienced team, (that includes professional property underwriters, contractors, design professionals, IT specialists and marketing gurus-- and of course-- top-notch agents) works on your behalf to optimize the sale of your home and make the experience a peaceful, satisfying one.  
Our goal is to deliver the best outcome within a timeline that suits your personal needs.   We are committed to guiding you throughout the entire process, from property valuation to the closing of your sale and beyond.

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